Thursday, April 23, 2015

Courtesy Title for Married and Unmarried

Traditionally, "a" is for unmarried and "i" is for married in the following terms:

MaleMaster (Mstr.)Mister (Mr.)
FemaleMastress (Mstrs.)Mistress (Mrs. / Ms. / Miss)

To differentiate children from adults, the courtesy title for boys is Master "First Name," and the courtesy title for unmarried men is Master "Last Name." Similarly for females, the courtesy title for girls is Mastress "First Name", and the courtesy title for unmarred women is Mastress "Last Name."

Overtime, Master is a title for boys under 13, and Miss is a title for girls under 13, while Mastress became equivalent to Mistress. Also, Mister now refers to both married and unmarried men.

Another gendered courtesy titles includes is Doctor (Dr.) and Doctress (Drs.). Political Correctionists prevent the usage of the term "Doctress" unless it is translated from a language with gendered terms.

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