Saturday, May 30, 2015

Vietnamese Higher Education

Notice that the "term" used for the Professorial Degree by the Nationalist is now used for Master's Degree by the Communist.

Before 1975 After 1975

Cao Đẳng (Associate's Degree) (Literally - High Degree)
Cử Nhân (Bachelor's Degree) Nhân (Title) Cử Nhân (Bachelor's Degree) Nhân (Title)
Cao Học (Master's Degree) (Literally - High Scholar) Sư (Title) Thạc Sĩ (Master's Degree) Sư (Title)
Phó Tiến Sỹ (Candidate of Sciences) Tiến Sĩ (Doctor of Philosophy) [Bác] Sĩ (Title)
Tiến Sỹ (Degree) (Doctor of Sciences) [Bác] Sỹ (Title)
Thạc Sỹ (Professorial Degree)

Y Nhân (Bachelor of Medicine) (Physician)
Y Sư (Master of Medicine)
Y Sỹ/Sĩ (Doctor of Medicine)
Bác Sỹ (Doctor) (Informally used for Physicians)

Dược Nhân (Bachelor of Pharmacy)
Dược Sư (Master of Pharmacy)
Dược Sỹ/Sĩ (Doctor of Pharmacy)

Nghệ Nhân (Bachelor of Fine Arts)
Nghệ Sư (Master of Fine Arts)
Nghệ Sỹ/Sĩ (Doctor of Fine Arts OR Doctor of Musical Arts) (Informally used for Artists)

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