Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Square vs Triangular Division

During the interwar era, the US military changes its tactical unit known as the Division. As Modern people, we should not confuse Modern Division (Larger than Brigade, but Smaller than Corps) from Early Modern Division (Company) tactical unit.

In WW I, US Army has a Square Division made of the following
  • Two Infantry Brigade
    • Two Infantry Regiments
  • One Artillery Brigade
    • Two Artillery Regiments
      • One 105 mm Artillery Battery
      • Two 155 mm Artillery Batteries
  • Division Support Units (will not list them in detail)
In WW II, US Army has the Triangular Division made of the following
  • Three Infantry Regiment
  • Division Artillery
    • One 105 Artillery Battery
    • Three 155 Artillery Batteries
  • Division Support Units (will not list them in detail)
Comparison of the Triangular Division with the Binary Brigade
  • One more Infantry Regiment
  • One more 155 mm Artillery Battery in an Artillery Regiment
    • Renamed the Reinforced Artillery Regiment to Division Artillery and is Commanded by a Brigadier General
  • A shift in support units from the Division Level to the Brigade Level.
In other words, the Triangular Division of WW II is just a large Brigade.

The Pentomic Division of the Atomic Age
Pent for 5, -omic for atomic warfare.

After the Triangular Division of WWII, we have the Pentomic Division of the Cold War.
  • HQ Company
  • 5 Battle-group (Brigadier Generals, Colonels)
    • HQ Company with Signals
    • 5x Rifle Company (Lt. Col., Majors, Captain)
    • Support Company
    • 105-mm Mortar Battery
    • Assault Gun and Recon Platoon
  • Tank Battalion
  • Division Artillery
    • HQ Battery
    • 3x 105-mm Towed Field Artillery Battalion
      • HQ Battery
      • 105-mm Towed Battery
      • 155-mm Towed Battery
    • 2x 105/155-mm Self-Propelled Field Artillery Battalion 
      • HQ Battery
      • 105-mm Battery
      • 155-mm Battery
    • Field Artillery Battalion Composite
      • HQ Battery
      • 205-mm (8") Howitzer Battery
      • 7.62-mm Rocket Battery
  • Recon Squadron
  • Engineer Battalion
  • Signals Battalion
  • Transportation Detachment
  • Aviation Company
  • Divisional Trains
    • HQ Detachment
    • Quartermaster Company
    • Medical Battalion
    • Ordinance Battalion
    • Administration Company
    • Transportation Battalion
Problems with the Pentomic Division:
  • There is no way for officers to gain experience as Majors or Lieutenant Colonel since they do the same job as Captains.
  • Too many units to control. Each Battle-group has at least 8 company level units under direct control before attaching support units.
A restructuring in numbering of military units, allowing a unique number to every regiment level units. Helps standardize unit numbering after 1957.

Reorganization Objective Army Division (ROAD) 1963
The fixed to Pentomic Division.

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