Thursday, December 3, 2015

Old Military Units - Good for Developing Strategy Games

The old way is the binary (square every two levels) system.

Let's update to a triangular system

UnitSub-unitRoman EquivalentUnit Commander OldPersonnel Old Unit Commander New Personnel New
Colonel1024+ Colonel 59049+
BattalionWingOrder (Before Cohort exists) or CohortLieutenant Colonel512+ Lieutenant Colonel 19683+
WingGrand Division
Major or 1st Captain256+ Major 6561+
Grand Division (Double Company)CompanyManiple (From Samnites)2nd or 3rd Captain128+ Captain 2187+
Company (Division) (Battery) (Squadron)PlatoonCenturia4th to 7th Captain64+ First Lieutenant 729+
Platoon (Subdivision) (Troop)Section
Lieutenant32+ Second Lieutenant 243+
Sergeant16+ Sergeant 81+
Squad (Subsection)TeamContuberniumCorporal8+ Corporal 27+
Private First Class4+ Private Fist Class 9+
Buddy (Cell)Personnel
Private Second Class2 Private Second Class 3

Main Line Infantry Riflemen
Flank Light or Heavy
Light Sharpshooter or Ranger
Heavy Grenadier or Mortar-men

Order: A unit composed of a Maniples of Each of the following: Triarii (Third Line), Principes (Primary Line), Hastati (Spear-man, name comes from Hasta (spear)), Velites (Javelin-man), Sagitarii (Archers), and Funditori (Slingers). It also contains a unit of Fabrorum (Fabricator / Siege Engineers).

An older Legion consists of 15 orders.

Warning: Grand Division has several different meanings, and one of those definition refer to a temporary unit of several corps during the America Civil War. Another definition here...

It also extend to Division which means a company during the middle ages to several brigades later on.
Division = Company, at the same time as, Grand Division = Double Company.

Civil War Old Definitions:
Grand Division - A unit compose of several Corps. Later renamed to Army.
Military Division - A unit compose of several Grand Division. It is equivalent to Army Group, Army Region, or Army Theater.

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