Friday, December 4, 2015

Tiers of Master degrees in the US

Recall that there are Four Tiers of UK Masters degree.

Now, we will discuss the tiers of master's degrees in United States.

Graduate Level Upper Division
12 units 12 units
16 units 8 units
24 units 0 units
24 units 6 units
24 units 30 units
48 units 0 units
60 units 0 units

It is difficult to determine the tier of these master degrees. For some institution, the lower requirement Master's degree may have a higher entry and the other master degree may have a lower entry.

Some Master's degree have more units because they do not require a Bachelor's degree in the major as a prerequisite. For example, the 54 unit Master's degree are typically 24 unit upper division to make-up for the lack of a bachelor's degree in that major, follow by the 24 graduate units with 6 upper division units that makes up a master.

One thing is that many employers in United States do not care about the different tiers of master's degree, so having a low tier master's degree is better off than a high tier master's degree because it has a smaller investment.
Many institution would call all of their units as graduate level, even those that are truly still at the upper division level.

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