Thursday, December 3, 2015

Why the 3-Tank Troop beat the 4-Tank Troop ? It's not the Troop Size.

A 3-tank Troop win against the 4-tank Troop only at the Squadron level command, not at the Troop level Command because of several reasons:
  • Captains have more experience than Lieutenants, so giving them 4 subunits is more practical than giving Lieutenant 4 subunits.
  • The three tank acts more like a section than a troop under the leadership of a Lieutenant.
    • That usually means that the Captain and the First Lieutenant each acts as "troop" leaders (half the squadron) of two troops (action like sections).
  • When trading a tank section for an infantry squad, it is more reasonable for a 3-tank troop to give one tank and still act like a section.
    • Infantry Captains usually borrow a single tank for close support and does not know how to protect the other vulnerable tank.
    • Tank Captains usually borrow a squad of infantry to help against tank destroyers.
 Squadron of 3-tank troop (2 tank HQ + 4x 3 tank Troop) (14 tanks)
  • Tank Squadron (Captain)
    • Troop A acts as section
    • Troop B acts as section
  • Half-Squadron (First Lieutenant)
    • Troop C acts as section
    • Troop D acts as section
Squadron of 4-tank Troop (2 tank HQ + 3x 4 tank Troop) (14 tanks)
  • Tank Squadron
    • Troop A
    • Troop B
    • Troop C
There are suggestions such as the 3-tank troop is really a 3-tank section, and two such troops would act like a troop under normal circumstances. Of course, there would be improvement to armored units if we increase from 2-tank sections to 3-tank sections, but then, troops would be 6-tank or 9-tank sized unit. Of courses, that would reduce the high ranking position for the same number of tanks because the tank squadron needs to be 2-3 tank troops.

A Possible Setups
3-tank section (Second Lieutenant) --> 9-tank troop (First Lieutenant) --> 30-tank squadron (Captain) -> 93-tank battalion (Major)
Compared to
2-tank section (Staff Sergeant) --> 4-tank troop (Lieutenant) --> 14-tank squadron (Captain) -> 58-tank battalion (Major)

  • At the troop level, 9 tanks could act as two levels of triangle or 3 levels of binary.
  • Two Level of Triangle
    • Section A (1LT)
    • Section B (2LT)
    • Section C (2LT)
  • Three Level of Binary
    • Heavy Platoon of 5 tanks
      • Heavy Section of 3 tanks
      • Light Section of 2 tanks
    • Light Platoon of 4 tanks
      • Light Section of 2 tanks
      • Light Section of 2 tanks

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