Sunday, February 28, 2016

The minimum for Master's Degree

UC Davis Source:

The minimum for a Master degree by UC Davis' regulation is
  • 36 quarter units at the upper division level or higher equivalent to 24 semester unit of upper division level or higher
  • 18 graduate quarter units equivalent to 12 graduate semester unit
  • Most degree will have a 16 - 20 split with 16 upper division and 20 graduate division units since most classes are in multiple of 4 quarter units.
Hence, a master degree is a one year full time degree, or a two year part time degree. For individuals with insufficient level of preparations, additional classes are available.

Look at UC Davis' MS Stats:
Here, there is the standard two year plan for those without sufficient mathematics/statistics background, and the one year plan for those with a sufficient mathematics/statistics background.

Sac State Source:

The minimum for a Master degree by Sac State is
  • 30 semester units of approved graduate credits (at the upper division level or higher)
    • While every individual master degree require 24 graduate level units, this is not part of the minimum requirement demanded by the institution. The definition of approved graduate credits is applied by each individual department.
Since Sac State does not have a minimum graduate level units for master degrees, this low standard may look like an honorable second bachelors degree with a title of master. However, since looking each individual master degrees, we see that each one requires at least 24 graduate level units.

Relevant to the Tiers of Masters post that I have made. Of course, my tiers of masters is not a complete overview of all the master degrees in United States.

Is the master degree a six-year degree?
  • It has 120 units (5 years) bachelor as a prerequisite.
  • The master is at least 24 units for a total of at least 144 units (6 years)
Are the two above point good enough to say the master degree is a six-year degree? If so, then the bachelor degree is a five-year degree by the American definition of 24 unit per year.

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