Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Music and Fine Arts

In California
Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Fine Arts
  • 120 semester hours total
  • 70 (72) units in major
    • 18+ units in theory and content
    • 52 (54) units in studio, production, and performance
  • 48 units in general education
Since courses are typically 3 semester hours (unit), 72 is a more appropriate level than 70, and thus 54 is more appropriate level than 52.

Lack of indication for upper division, though at least 40 units are upper division.

In General

Master of Music and Master of Fine Arts
  • Indicates 2 to 3 academic year, though not certain the load
    • Minimum of 48 semester hours to a maximum of 90 semester hours.
Doctor of Musical Arts and Doctor of Fine Arts
  • Indicates 4 academic year beyond the Master Level
    • Doctor of Musical Arts = 4 Years beyond Master of Music
    • Doctor of Fine Arts = 4 Years beyond Master of Fine Arts
Doctor of Music
  • Higher Doctorate, Doctor of Musical Arts is usually a prerequisite.

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