Friday, July 8, 2016

Sedecimal (Latin) not Hexa-(Greek)-decimal (Latin)

The first generation of programmers do not know their Latin enough to give proper names to "Sexadecimal" the historical name for base 16.

I fixed the table from: to be fully Latin:

      2  binary 
      3  ternary 
      4  quaternary 
      5  quinary 
      6  senary 
      7  septenary 
      8  octal 
      9  nonary 
     10  decimal 
     11  undenary 
     12  duodecimal 
     16  sexadecimal or sedecimal
     20  vigesimal 
     60  sexagesimal 

Sexadecimal has the problem of being shorten to sex (Latin for 6), so dumbasses, with full evidence that they never went to school to learn Latin and semester, decide to have hexadecimal that shortens to hex instead of sedecimal, the same way semester is named!

Semester comes from sex (Latin for 6) and mensis (Latin for moon cycle or month) (menses is plural form of mensis).

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