Thursday, August 4, 2016

Feats are not balance!

Proficiency vs Focus

  • Weapon Proficiency +4 to hit (remove -4 to hit penalty without proficiency)
  • Weapon Focus +1 to hit
  • Weapon Specialization +2 Damage
  • Greater Weapon Focus +1 to hit
  • Greater Weapon Specialization +2 Damage
Weapon Proficiency is worth 4 times as much as Weapon Focus, but later feats are weaker so that mundane classes cannot catch up with spell caster classes.
  • [Greater] Weapon Focus (One Martial or Exotic Weapon)
  • [Greater] Spell Focus (One School of Magic)
    • Spell Focus on "School of Magic" is as powerful as Weapon Focus on a group of weapons
      • Light (Off-hand) Martial Weapons
      • One-handed Martial Weapons
      • Two-handed Martial Weapons
      • Ranged Martial Weapons
      • Light (Off-hand) Exotic Weapons
      • One-handed Exotic Weapons
      • Two-handed Exotic Weapons
      • Ranged Exotic Weapons
This is why magic is stronger. Switch the Spell Focus to one spell is necessary to balance it with Weapon Focus.

Add Spell Proficiency Feats for each spell to balance against Weapon Proficiency (also split)
  • Weapon Quarter Proficiency (One Weapon)
  • Weapon Half Proficiency (One Weapon)
  • Weapon Three-Quarter Proficiency (One Weapon)
  • Weapon Full Proficiency (One Weapon)
  • Spell Quarter Proficiency (One Spell)
  • Spell Half Proficiency (One Spell)
  • Spell Three-Quarter Proficiency (One Spell)
  • Spell Full Proficiency (One Spell)
Changes to Spell Focus
  • [Greater] Spell Focus (One Spell)
Changes to Weapon Focus / Specialization:
  • [Greater] Weapon Focus / Specialization (One Weapon)
The reformed formula:
  • Spell Difficulty Class = Proficiency + Focus + Spell Level + Ability Modifier 
  • Magical Difficulty Class = Proficiency + Focus + 1/2 minimum (Caster Level, Racial Hit Dice) + Ability Modifier
  • Supernatural Difficulty Class = Proficiency + Focus + 1/2 Racial Hit Dice + Ability Modifier
  • Extraordinary Difficulty Class =  Proficiency + Focus + 1/2 Racial Hit Dice + Ability Modifier
SRD: "Spell-like abilities, as the name implies, are spells and magical abilities that are very much like spells. Spell-like abilities are subject to spell resistance and dispel magic. They do not function in areas where magic is suppressed or negated (such as an anti-magic field)."

"Spell-like abilities are spells and magical abilities ...," bold for Emphasis. Spell-like abilities that are spells will use Spell Difficulty Class while magical abilities will use the Magical Ability Difficulty Class.

If a Spell-like Ability is a Spell, use the lowest spell level if it appears on multiple spell lists.

Another way to improve mundane is to remove this Improved, Greater, etc stuff an just use level numbers.
  • Weapon Focus 1
  • Weapon Focus 2
  • Weapon Focus 3
  • etc
 This change would improve mundane against magic classes since there would be no limit to stacking feats.

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