Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Old School 2.5D Games and New School 2.5D Games

What's Old School 2.5D Games?

Old School 2.5D Games are 3D games that does not use 3D models (polygon or voxel) or 2D games with somewhat 3D looks (isometric or pre-rendered). Graphics include sprites and pre-rendered. Programmers have to deal with parallax problem. To make it more 3D like, programmers have to deal with ray-casting. Thus there are several subcategories of this type of game depending on how 3D like the game becomes.

Note that some 2d games are including in this Old School 2.5D Games such as isometric games that does not truly use the vertical axis.
  • Side-Scroller
    • Parallax Adjusted
      • 2D Gameplay
      • 3D Gameplay
    • Not Parallax Adjusted with 3D Gameplay -- e.g. River City Ransom
  • Isometric
    • 2D Gameplay
    • 3D Gameplay
  • Ray-casting
  • Pre-Rendered
    • Star Craft I

What's New School 2.5D Games?

New School 2.5D Games are 2D games that use 3D models (polygon or voxel). The games limit the interaction of the player with the environment.

Star Craft II is considered a game this category since players cannot use the third dimension. No the flying and ground mode of Terran's buildings and vikings don't count as utilizing the third dimension since there are only two position--air and ground.

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