Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Teachers Teach, Masters Master, and Doctors Indoctrinate

It seems this is more like the Medieval Education System:

AgeYears Learning or TeachingMedieval School / DegreeModern Equivalent
6-14 yo8 Years AcademicLatin Grammar SchoolElementary School (Primary)
14-18 yo3 or 4 Years Academic
trivium—the verbal arts: 
  1. grammar
  2. logic
  3. rhetoric
Bachelor of ArtsMiddle School (Lower Secondary)
17-20 yo2 or 3 Years Academic
quadrivium—the numerical arts: 
  1. arithmetic
  2. geometry
  3. music
  4. astronomy
(Total of 6 Years of Arts)
Licentiate of ArtsHigh School (Upper Secondary)
20-22 yo1 Years Academic
2 Years Lectures
Master of ArtsCollege (Secondary Capstone)
College (Tertiary General Education)
Associate Degree
21-28 yo6 Years AcademicBachelor of Profession (Medicine, Laws, Theology)University (Tertiary)
Adultship (Bachelor's Degree)
27-31 yo3 Years AcademicLicentiate of Profession (Medicine, Laws, Theology)Professional Degree (Quaternary)
30-33 yo2 Years LecturesMaster of Profession (Medicine, Laws, Theology)Mastership (Quinternary)
Master's Degree
32-36 yo3 Years AcademicDoctor of Profession (Medicine, Laws, Theology)Doctorate (Sexternary)
Doctor's Degree

Note: Age is from youngest entry age to oldest graduation age.

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