Friday, May 19, 2017

1995 Learning Oxford Commas

Comma is required after each item in a list of more than two items including the second to last item in the list, the item before the word "and."

I don't remember the exact list, but there were at least three items in the list.

Sentence:    A list of first, second and third. <- a="" br="" comma="" missing="">
I say: "put  a comma before 'and'"

My Teacher wasted 5 minutes to force putting a comma after "and."

Why did she do that?

She could not explain why putting a comma before "and" is wrong, but here:

Sentence A list of first, second ,and third. <- a="" and="" before="" br="" comma="" how="" is="" literally="" she="" thinks="">
However, she could not explain why the above is wrong. The comma comes between "second" and "and" as they properly should right?

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